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Why Do You Need A Public Liability Insurance

During the pandemic, many small businesses had come to life. Much of the traders laid a lot of risks to earn money in support of daily living. Like bigger companies, small traders must be covered against claims of damages caused to third-parties during the operation. This will bring up liabilities or other costs to incur as a result of unwanted events.

Thus, public liability insurance takes place to cover traders, retailers, and other entrepreneurs against any financial loss.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance protects most businesses in Australia against obligation exposures. Liabilities may result in financial losses in the long-run which will badly affect your entire business. When a third-party gets injured, the company is right to face serious lawsuits. However, public liability insurance has to cover them in place to guard your company against more losses.

How Much is Public Liability Insurance?

Many factors are affecting the cost of insurance in different industries. The total cost varies depending on the nature of the business, turn over, and the amount of insurance cover. Other factors affecting the insurance cost are your location and insurance provider.

One way to easily determine the cost of insurance for your business is by getting an instant quote online. The higher risk associated with the business, the higher it will cost. That is why it is essential to find out the best insurance policy for your business. Your insurance provider should know what suits your budget while it delivers what’s best for your business.

Public Liability Insurance Coverage

Financial risks out of negligence are under public liability insurance to keep your business protected. It results from damage to property, loss of life, or an economic loss for third-parties. With public liability insurance, preventing a wider range of risk to your company’s financial state is highly possible.

Below are not typically covered by public liability insurance:

  • Employee’s injuries
  • Owner’s property damage
  • Faulty workmanship expenses
  • Events occurred not during the policy period
  • Contractual liability
  • Negligence

Public Liability Insurance as a Legal Requirement

Public liability insurance is mandatory for state-issued license trades like electricians, plumbers, and builders. It demands special requirements depending on the territory of your work. For electricians in Queensland, a minimum of 50,000 dollars of consumer protection will allow them to obtain a contractual license to begin working on-site.  It also applies to renting a commercial property under a government or private client.

On the other side, most businesses in Australia can legally operate without public liability insurance. It is not lawful yet plays a vital role to protect small businesses around the region. It will surely benefit them at all costs.

Being extra careful in running a business does not put an end to unplanned deeds between clients, suppliers, and other third-parties. Those might cost your business unending fines and liabilities, if not dispensed right away.

Identifying the potential costs to incur due to public liability claims is necessary ahead of time. Business owners must take time learning the topic of public liability thereof.

When to Consider a Public Liability Insurance?

Some businesses can go even without public liability insurance, so here is a list when to consider getting insurance:

  • Several parties involved in your business such as suppliers, customers, and the public often visit your premises. This applies to both commercial and home-based offices. The reason behind this could be the possible danger within the place that may result in damages.
  • One of your services is to sell any types of products, whether big or small items. Chances of delivering damaged goods are high with such an operation.
  • There are times wherein the work should be done at a client’s site. For example, carrying repairs from one place to another for trading purposes. It may harm the public accidentally or cause any other issues.
  • Hosting public events as part of the service. The main reason is the general public might experience potential danger during the show.

Those are only a few of the reasons when to consider public liability insurance, which is common for small businesses. As long as there is an interaction with the general public, a potential claim shall occur.

Public Liability Insurance for Home-Based Businesses

Earning an income while taking the benefit of flexible working hours and not facing any congested roads is to look for. But, some other potential risks might still occur even when you are your own boss.

Working from home does not fully guarantee that things won’t go wrong, or there will be no problems at all. Never assume everything is covered under your roof. The most possible solution when that happens is to shut the business for good. With the right insurance, you can continue to protect your finances together with the business’ reputation.

Perhaps you have applied for a home insurance policy to feel at ease in operating a home-based business. Just to inform you, not all home insurance policies cover a business’ liability. Have a quick look at the Product Disclosure Statement for assurance.

Therefore, home-based businesses would have an advantage over third-parties with public liability insurance.


An accident involving a third-party could cost your business, even the small ones. As an owner, be responsible for applying for public liability insurance Perth to protect your workers and suppliers. It creates a safe environment for the public to interact with your business while guarding your financial status.

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