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Car Accident Compensation: Who Pays Who And What?

Car accidents have become quite common nowadays. There are millions of people and vehicles that get hit on the road one way or the other. Fortunately, American law has favorable rules for people who get in unwanted accidents.

Have you ever heard of the word “compensation for car accident injuries?

These compensations are a result of the other party providing the victim party with money to cover up the loss they encountered without any reason. From medical compensation to compensating what is left from your insurance plan, there are a lot of ways the other party will have to pay you. This is based entirely on the damage done as well as the intensity of your accidents.

It is obvious that car accidents can cause a financial burden on a person. The reason behind this being that the other person has to stop going to work, take complete bed rest for a couple of weeks or even months, pay for medical and the car. This is why you are entitled to medical compensation that will offer you the financial resources for a complete recovery.

Different Types of Compensation after a Car Accident

According to the American system, if a person is involved in a car accident, he is entitled to four different compensations for the damage.

Pain, Suffering, and Wellbeing

If you are suffering from any kind of emotional and physical health disorder that can cause you pain, you need to file that as well. Any person who has to take car accident pain management sessions gets paid for that.

Lost Income

Obviously, when you get into a serious car accident, you lose your working hours. While some companies are generous enough to keep you paying, there are a lot of companies that wouldn’t mind hiring and paying an alternative while you are gone. This results in a loss of wages.

You have the right to demand a lost compensation because this type of compensation involves the other party paying you for all the wages you end up losing because of them or what you will lose in the future.

Consider a scenario where innocent labor loses his ability to carry heavy weights because of an accident. In this scenario, a person is losing his job and any other future prospects to earn the way he likes. Hence, the court can order to offer compensation.

Medical Compensation

In medical compensation, the other party will have to provide you with money as offered by the court to cover your medical expenses and bills. This money can be used to cover:

It is also possible that you request the court to offer you compensation for your future bills if the treatment plan is long and you will be going to the hospital for months and years to come.

Punitive Damages

These are the charges that one has to pay for irresponsible behavior or reckless driving. Even though these charges are mostly rare but if the responsible party has been extremely careless, the court might award the victims with punitive damage.

Responsibility of Claim Payment

If you are ordered by the court to receive any form of compensation for the accident, you will recover the amount from their liability insurance provider.

What If They Don’t Have An Insurance Plan?

If the accident is with someone who has insufficient assets or an insurance plan that does not cover your requirements then, you are more likely to be paid by the UIM. UIM is otherwise known as the uninsured motorist.

Amount Paid

The responsible party might have to pay $5000 for minor injuries and $200,000 or more in severe cases.

The Requirement of a Lawyer

Here are a few reasons explaining when you need a lawyer and when it is just fine to go without one:

  • Now you might think that even if you are going to the court for a minimum compensation plan, you still need a lawyer. This couldn’t be more wrong. If the accident is minor with minimal injuries and you need to simply present your medical reports issued by the accident doctor and if you had to get any alternative care like chiropractic adjustments
  • Even if both of the parties are settled on one stance and not disputed where one party being victims and the other party willing to take full responsibility for their mistake, there is no need for a lawyer.
  • However, in circumstances where the other party starts to challenge your stance and is not willing to consider paying any kind of compensation, then you need a lawyer.
  • If in any case you or your fellow passengers have suffered from severe injuries, then you might need the services of a professional lawyer.


Car accidents are becoming quite common in America. It is better to have an insurance company by your side so that in case of any financial difficulty, you have funds to manage the situation.

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