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Can a Dashcam Help Cut Down Your Insurance Cost?

There are many ways of saving on car insurance. One effective solution is installing a dashcam in your car. A dashcam is a tiny camera you mount on the dashboard to record what happens in front of the vehicle. Even though camera is compulsory for commercial trucks, many motorists also prefer them, and there is a good reason for that. Today, many insurance firms offer discounts to drivers who have installed dashcams. Therefore, there is no better way of reducing your insurance cost than installing the camera. Here are a few details about how a dashcam can help reduce your insurance cost.

Getting a Dashcam Discount

If you want a dashcam discount from your insurance company in Naples, FL, you must first check if they offer the value. There are many insurance services all over that come with various discounts. So, your company might be giving a discount for installing a dashcam in your car that you should take advantage of. Check for the deal on their website or contact the company representative and inquire about the discount.

Many insurers will ask for proof of purchase and installation of the camera in the car. So be sure you have the evidence before asking. However, you must understand that not all insurance companies offer a price cut for dashcams installed in vehicles. Nonetheless, as the popularity of motorists using dashcams continues to grow, there is a high chance most insurers will begin offering the discount.

How the Camera Works

The small camera is mounted on the dashboard to record things happening around the vehicle. It has an inbuilt memory card that keeps all recordings. Furthermore, some have GPS capabilities to track your location. When buying the camera, checking for night vision and video quality is crucial. Such features enable you to capture clear videos even in low-light conditions. Ensure the cam is also easy to use so that it will be easy to access and review recordings.

How a Dashcam Reduces Insurance Costs

There are several ways a dashcam can help reduce your insurance cost. They include:

  • Evidence in Case of an Accident

When a firm like Del Toro Insurance compensates you after an accident, it needs to know how events unfold. Therefore, a dashcam provides evidence of the accident to help determine the part at fault. The evidence can be beneficial if you get in an accident with an underinsured or uninsured driver. You can also get the evidence if the other driver flees the scene, making it easy to prove your point and fault.

  • Low Distracted Driving

An insurance company may see you as being at a lower risk of getting distracted if you have a dashcam. A dashcam reminds you to remain focused because it can record distracted driving in case of an incident. Remember to mention the dashcam when getting insurance quotes to ensure you get the best package.

  • Fraud Prevention

Insurance costs can reduce if you can prevent other drivers from committing fraud against you. A dashcam deters fraud in a way that it is less likely for someone to stage an accident or commit fraud against you. Therefore, the camera puts you in a better position.

How to Use a Dashcam

Once you install the dashcam, you will only need to turn it on when you start driving. However, it is also recommendable to leave it on even when parking your car to record any incident. The camera records automatically and saves the recording on its memory card. Some countries allow motorists to use dashcams, while others don’t. It is essential to check with your country’s laws to ensure you will not break the rules when installing the camera.


Using a dashcam can help lower the cost of your car insurance. It also provides clear evidence of what happens in a car accident. So, if you are buying a dashcam for your vehicle, buy a high-quality one to capture clear images and videos.

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