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What Do I Need from My Health Insurance?

Healthcare without insurance is too expensive for the average person. While not a legal requirement, it is heavily recommended that people pay for a policy in some form or another. Insurance is there to cover the cost of all things health related. However, there are varying degrees of coverage that depend on how much you will pay, what your health profile looks like, and where you are located. This guide explores what it is you actually need from your health insurance.

Private or Public?

The first question to ask is whether you want to explore public or private health insurance. Public health insurance is not an option for everyone, and you have to meet certain criteria to qualify. The two core options provided by the government and states are Medicare and Medicaid. To be able to access Medicare, you have to be a senior, and to access Medicaid, you must be a lower income family (usually with children). There is also a program to help children access essential healthcare, known as CHIP. If you can’t tap into any of the public options, then exploring the private options is the next step.

Reasonable Deductibles

Once you have the first stage figured out, it is good to understand a few of the terms around insurance plans. Deductibles are the biggest consideration by far, and they have to be thoroughly researched before you take out any policy. They are all about what you have to pay before you can access your insurance benefits and coverage. Make sure you understand this figure and therefore what is expected of you as and when you need to access medical care.

Take some time to also get to know other important terms because this will help when navigating where to put your money and who to entrust your health needs to. You need to know about premiums and what they entail, copayments and coinsurance factors, and how to decipher the optimum benefit schedules too.

The Benefits

Certain plans come with benefits and others do not. It is fairly straightforward to compare the options, and it is highly recommended that you do just that. Look at the leading brands like Incomm, a Blackhawk Network alternative scheme, and see how it stands up against the competition when it comes to the extras and perks. It is clear to see that health insurance plans are able to offer a whole range of benefits as a part of the regular policy, and it helps to be an informed consumer in this respect so you are better able to access the optimum coverage.

Reliable Care Options Nearby

Another big consideration is whether the chosen policy will be able to offer cover in your area. Location is a key factor in a lot of policies, as some companies are limited in terms of what they can offer and where they can establish that support. They will have contracts with branches, and these branches may not exist close to your home. This poses a real risk that you are not able to access vital healthcare when the need strikes.


Being able to afford the policy is a top priority. You have to know how much the premium will cost and figure out the best way to pay it that suits your budget. There also, as mentioned above, needs to be plans that factor in all the extra costs too. Ultimately, if you can’t afford what you’re purchasing then the policy will be canceled after a set amount of missed payments and you will be right back to square one. This should be avoided, and can be with a little planning.

Health insurance needs to tick all your boxes, regardless of your budget. Search far and wide and explore all the options.

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