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Tips on Choosing Beste Bensinkort (Gas Card)

Choosing a gas reward card is an important consideration when looking for a payment method that repays every fuel purchase. Those benefits come in handy if you use a lot of gallons every month. If you are a travel junkie, you might need something to help you cut some corners with gas expenses.

The choice of beste bensinkort (gas card) and an issuer is up to you. Still, keep in mind that these companies have certain requirements for their future clients. These conditions are not standardized and can vary from issuer to issuer. You need to think carefully and take all the factors, starting from the monthly fuel consumption to the fees, into account.

Do Some Online Research

You can usually get information on the gas reward card issued by a particular fuel company at the gas stations belonging to that chain. But the most reliable source of this information is the Internet, more precisely, the website of a particular company or its partners. There you’ll find application forms too, but don’t rush to fill it until you get some knowledge.

If you're looking for a particular reward program because you are already familiar with it (a colleague or friend has told you about it), you will go directly to the company's website. If you haven't yet decided, you can visit the sites that deal with financial topics. They usually have a lot of content dedicated to different types of reward programs. You can also visit various forums and blogs or read reviews of certain cards and their issuers.

Finding the best reward program doesn't end with searching the Internet. You should also visit the financial institutions where you plan to get your card. You could choose the bank that can give you the most convenient and functional payment methods. Some banks already offer credit or debit cards that you can use to obtain rewards when paying for fuel. These institutions usually partner with particular oil companies.

Know Your Credit Score

A card that returns part of the money spent to you is like a prize for those who have a good or excellent credit score. Most issuers will insist on this request. If your credit line is bad, it probably means that you have trouble with handling your finances. You've probably had many delays paying the loan installment, settling the monthly debt balance, etc.

But you're not expelled forever. You're free to apply again once you improve your rating.

But the good news is that there are also companies with less strict requirements. Their reward programs are accessible even for people without impeccable credit scores. Benefits are likely to be limited as long as your credit score is bad, so try to increase it.

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Know the Reward You Want

The perks and incentives differ by the type of reward the program and issuer you choose. These rewards can range from cash bonuses, discounts, and annual fees. A general division is on cash back and non-cash back cards.

Cash back rewards are those that give you a certain percentage of money returned whenever you spend it. It means that every dollar you spend when buying gas will bring you a few cents back. The refund is usually up to 5 percent, but most issuers offer between 1and 3. It's good to compare several gas cards to choose the one that gives you the best benefits.

A further division of cash back cards is into those with a flat rate for all transactions you make and those that favor certain categories of purchases. For example, gas cards will give the biggest rewards for the purchase of fuel. But while they can give certain points and purchase the products of their partners.

But keep in mind that oil companies won't give you any bonus if you refuel at competing gas stations. Make sure to find out if the card issuer insists on particular gas station chains to give you rewards. Banks and other financial institutions usually don’t mind the pump chain, but they don’t reward fuel purchase from small, out-of-the-road gas stations.

Non-cash back cards are those that give you gas rewards but not in cash. Some companies will offer you the products of their partners. Others will give you points that you can exchange exclusively for fuel at their gas stations. 

Check Application Procedure

There are also different ways on how you can apply for a gas card issuer. The first option is to contact several issuers and request information about their reward program. The information you need to gather includes application forms and eligibility requirements. You should also look into the card issuer's policies regarding late payments, fraud, and penalties.

When applying for a gas card, you should be careful in choosing the right credit card issuer. Most of these companies have good rates and reputations, but they usually don't offer the best rewards. You should carefully read the terms and conditions on their website. Make sure that you understand every clause before filling in anything. If you still have doubts, it would be better if you get the help of an expert.

Find Acceptable Annual Fees

Most people overlook the importance of choosing a rewards program wisely. You can really benefit from these perks, but only if they offset the annual fees. If fuel consumption is quite high because you travel often, it will pay off to take the card that costs a few hundred dollars per year. You will get this amount back very quickly through the rewards you get.

The most important thing you need to know when you want to know how to choose a gas reward card issuer is the interest rate. You should think about this, especially if you are already financially burdened by paying a loan or mortgage installments. In order for you to avoid bad debt, it's important to choose the issuer that offers acceptable interest rates.

Safety Matter

People should know the importance of keeping their card details safe. You can prevent fraud if you are careful whenever you use this payment method, especially if you do it online. Choose companies whose gas stations have high-tech security. Only then can you be sure that your personal information and details such as PIN and expiration date are protected.

There are lots of things that you need to consider when you want to apply for a gas reward card. It's not all about the benefits you get, as the expenses can easily offset them. Think of getting gas privileges only if you can handle these costs and use earned bonuses for good.

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